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Hairpin Blue Collar

Blue Collar is a true foundation pedigreed horse out of the famed HAIRPIN CAVVY in Billings, MT. Blue Collar sires all around dependable and hard footed durable using horses. Look for colts that have a lot of cow, color and conformation.

Big Stretch Hancock
Big Jimmer Hancock
Deckem Jimmer
Blue Hop Hancock
Native Badger Son
Blues Sabre Pet
Bros Mesa Gal

High Rolling Roany
Gumbo Roany
Valentine Rosebud
Ragn Blu Sage
Raging Bull
Raging Julia
Sabre Rill

Four Flake Royal

Royal is a King Bred stud with good Old Foundation breeding. His colts are willing, athletic and good all around ranch horses. Also throws great dispositions.

King Fritz
Snickelfritz Chex
Poco Brickhouse
Snickelfritz Flake
Eddie Eighty
Becker Duster
Duster Emma Lou

Skipason HH
LT Crown Royal
Lost Track Trixie
Royal Solista
Star San Leo
Lost Track Solista

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